The last time I wrote an about me post feels like ages ago. So much has happened in the world over the previous five years and even more within my personal life. I could write a novel about the last two years alone. Still, I’ll spare you and go back even further to give you a complete impression of what art means to me, how art has impacted my life, and the role of art throughout my life. 

From a young age, I knew that I came from a creative family. Growing up, both my Mom and Dad had creative side projects and encouraged us kids to do the same. One day my Dad brought home a giant board for me to “make something with.” It probably took me a couple months, but I used all my fashion magazines to create the most epic collage. It is one item, along with the painted hand-me-down furniture I covered with quotes, I wish I’d have saved, but it was too big to move with me. 

Even outside my immediate family, I can remember my Grandma sewing. She was quick to share how to sew, make plastic canvas crafts, and even tried to teach me crochet. I’m a stubborn lefty, so I ended up teaching myself! There was also my Great Uncle John Paul. In the ’60s, he left his wife and two daughters and headed to California, where he lived as an artist. My Grandma’s house was dotted with his works. 

In elementary school, I loved it when our writing projects included a bit of artwork. I usually added doodles to the back of my work too! By the time I went into high school, or the time before the internet, I was ordering information about Parsons and the Art Institute. During this time, friends paid me to alter their jeans, create band posters, and make jewelry. My creative interest started to veer more towards writing in my sophomore year. I ended up going to college in search of an English degree.  

During my last semester in college, I worked as an intern at a local media outlet. It only took a couple years writing and serving as the editor for a weekly newspaper to burn me out on journalism. I moved onto marketing and business writing, but writing press releases for the same event year after year chipped away at my love of writing even more than reporting. Ultimately, I took a break from it and started blogging and homeschooling. 

In every homeschool co-op, we participated in, I was an Art teacher. I loved teaching the older kids about Art History and Process Art to the younger ones. Blogging also gave me the chance to be creative and share projects on my terms.  

Writing is one side of me, and Art is another. Writing is quiet work that requires concentration and commitment, I’m not so good with commitment. Art, on the other hand, for me, at least, is loud and involves movement, sometimes that’s what my mind and body need. 

There are times when words work best, and there are times when there are no words, and you need to sit in a feeling without the need to explain it. With this place, I hope to share a little bit of that process with you. Thanks for visiting!