What is Art Journaling?

What is Art Journaling

At an event last weekend I was talking up an upcoming class I will be teaching when I was asked, what is Art Journaling? Ummmm. In my mind I was thinking, it’s everything and nothing, but that wasn’t going to be helpful so I let a stream of ideas spill out of my mouth.

“It’s a doodle pad for adults.”

“It’s where you can work out ideas or journal.” 

“It’s where you can practice art techniques.” 

At that point, I stopped myself because obviously, not everyone wants to practice art techniques. 

Here’s a little video I put together to better answer the question, what is Art Journaling. It barely scratches the surface of what you can DO in an art journal but sticks to addressing what it can be. 

What is Art Journaling? 

If you google that question the first thing that will pop up is a definition from shoptangiebaxter.com and it says, “Art Journaling is a visual diary—it’s record-keeping combined with creativity! It’s a place to record your thoughts, memories, and emotions through images, art, and words.” I couldn’t agree more!

It goes on to say that the number one rule of Art Journaling is that there are no rules! The idea of no rules can be creatively freeing, but the broadness of such an idea can also be a little intimidating.

So, I thought I’d take a little moment to share what Art Journaling is to me. As you’ve been watching, it can be as simple as putting paint on paper while you listen to music. 

Maybe it’s taking part in a challenge to draw a hundred faces in a hundred days.

Or, try out a quick tutorial someone has shared on their social media. There are lots of fun ones around the holidays.

It could be taking notes during an informative Youtube video. 

Maybe it’s playing around with a class idea that you’re thinking about teaching yourself.

Returning to that original definition, it can be a place to keep a record of a special day, a favorite quote, or an acknowledgment of what you've learned or how you’ve grown.

Painting, Writing, Drawing, Collaging, whatever your creative spirit is eager to try…Your art journal is yours so what goes into it is entirely up to you!