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Abstract Rainbow Artwork Erin Sipes

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This past year has been a kind of incubation period for so many of us. If I'm being blunt, I really needed this time to give myself some space to get back in touch with my creative energy. 

It was very clear I was on my usual path of rushing into something that wasn't necessarily me, but it was easy. It had been laid out in front of me, with the express purpose of my using this tried and true method to sell artwork. 

"If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's." - Joseph Campbell

This. This quote is a gentle reminder that the things you truly want aren't usually that easy to get. So I did what I'm really good at, I studied.  I looked at admired artists whose careers were on or had taken the same route I wanted to be on and patterned the steps I needed to take to get there. 

Here is my step one, opening an Etsy shop. Let me tell you, Etsy does NOT have the best reputation in the art world but the fact remains it is the easiest (cheapest) for beginning artists to use. Even though I also have artwork at a local gallery, I knew I ultimately needed to be doing this part of the work myself. I need this experience. Okay, I'm starting to babble so let's move on to what is going in the shop!

I'm opening the shop with my series of Abstract Faces! They are a subject I never get tired of making. Each of the 25 pieces in this collection is a stand-alone work of art.  Created with acrylic paint, mixed media, and collage, these faces spotlight individuality through varying combinations of colors, shapes, and patterns. Each character in the series has been given a gender-neutral name to also emphasize the commonality of the human face. Here's a quick preview! 

Figurative Abstract Artwork

The Art of the Abstract Face

Abstract Face Artwork

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