Monday Mood #3

Let's call this the first of what are sure to be many Podcast themed articles! I can't lie, I love a good podcast when I'm cooking dinner or on those mornings when I'm enjoying a cup of coffee ALONE, and always during the unbearable silence of bedtime. So if you're new to creative-themed podcasts or you're looking for something different, here are five of my favorites. 

The Inspiration Place with Miriam Schulman was probably the first Art podcast I added to my library. I love that she talks so candidly about making an art practice profitable. There are many other topics concerning creativity. You'll definitely want to start with Season 1! 

ArtCurious Podcast is for the History buff in me! I absolutely love Stuff You Missed in History Class, so finding a podcast that covered Art History was a no-brainer. I particularly like the first couple of seasons on this interesting podcast. 

Laura Horn Art Podcast is a little bit of everything, and that's what I love about it. Many times I'll be listening to a podcast and think, "this is for artists who are further along in their evolution." Not so with Laura Horn. I always have a take away thought to contemplate. 

Art Juice is currently my favorite podcast. It is so casual and yet so enlightening. Hosts Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher let listeners eavesdrop on their conversations as they catch up on what they are doing and discuss topics related to the creative practice. 

I might have saved the best for last, Creative Pep Talk. Andy J. Pizza seems like a person who sometimes talks too loud (I can't listen to this one at night! lol), is bursting with frenetic energy, and yet still has a confident awkwardness that is beyond endearing. I relate to him on so many levels! This one is really exactly what its name implies. It's the middle of the day, stuck in a funk, feeling down, pep talk you know you need, but you don't know who to go to to get it! 

See you next Monday! 


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