Monday Mood #2

I'm going to keep this one short. Here are a few things on my "check it out" list this week. 

Joan Mitchell

Joan Mitchell

I don't even remember where I found out about Joan Mitchell, but she's an artist always in the back of my mind. I don't know nearly enough about her, so this week, while the young one is doing his virtual school, I'm going to be reading up on her. 

The Art Queens

Finding the right online art community is a personal process; it takes courage to join and a willingness to leave if it isn't working for you. I joined The art Queens in September (admission is currently closed), and I'm still unsure if this is my tribe. Soooo, I plan on using the time when I'm cooking dinner or waiting for my daughter to get out of ballet to deep dive into the resources and private FB group offered through the group. 

The Art Queens are headed up by Ekaterina Popova, who is also the founder of CREATE magazine. I highly recommend checking them all out on Instagram; the links are in the sentence above. 

All She Makes

I went down the rabbit hole of linked accounts on Insta, and that's how I found All She Makes. LOVE THEM! If you are an artist, join their directory, and they regularly have calls to submit artwork!

**See ya next week. I'm going to be sharing Art podcasts I'm currently obsessed with!**