Monday Mood #1


Hello, hello, hello! 

Do you know what today is? It's Monday! 

I'm always in a mood on Mondays, both optimistic and apprehensive about what the week will bring. So, I wanted to make a habit of sharing a few inspirational items that help me get through the week, or you know, provide a distraction when I'm procrastinating. 

Since this is the inaugural Monday Mood, I figured I'd share my three favorite go-tos. (Hmm, Grammarly isn't correcting me, but that looks all kinds of spelled wrong, right?)

1. Alisa Burke

    When I need a reminder that I can do this, and I set my standard for success, I visit Alisa Burke.

    She's been around FOREVER in the blogging world and was the first artist who showed me that you don't have to be crazy famous or have millions of social media followers to have a successful Art business. 

    Moreover, you don't need to use the most expensive products to make Art; you just have to follow that voice telling you to create. 

2. Robert Burridge Weekly BobBlast Videos on Youtube

    Forever ago, I saw Vince Vaughn, on David Letterman, retelling a childhood story where his father told him, "Boy, I've square danced twice in towns you ain't ever heard of.

This is Bob. He's like that person who's seen it, read it, painted it, you catch my drift. He just knows things. 

    He's been an Artist for over 20 years, and his videos are GOLD...and FREE!! On quiet mornings, I like to sip a cup of coffee and just watch him. I learn something new every single time. 

3. Design Mom

    Gabrielle Blair is an OG in the online world of creatives. I love her because of all the artists, designers, architects, and just plain interesting folks she's introduced through her platforms. I particularly like following her Instagram Stories. She's living in France right now and remodeling a beautiful home. Who knew I would be so fascinated with shrapnel lodged in her attic floor?


DISCLAIMER: I don't know why I'm including this, but I am. Both Alisa and Gabrielle are outspoken politically, and it's something I've come to expect and appreciate about them. It's crazy to think that the people we follow online aren't just as affected by world events as we are. I live in a community with a collective viewpoint opposite my own; it's comforting to see and hear opinions of those I'm in agreeance with, even if it is only on a screen.  

Follow me on Instagram to get a glimpse of what I'm working on this week. See you next Monday!